Convenient mobility with the Avis human touch

In 1946 Warren Avis opened the world's first airport car rental location at Willow Run Airport, Detroit, with a grand total of three cars. The company grew rapidly during the 1950's through franchised and corporate-owned expansion.

In 1963, Avis introduced the award winning "We try harder(R)" campaign and the tagline remains the company's rallying cry even today. Much of our brand strength derives from the 'We Try Harder' campaign. Wanting to make an impression on the market Avis came up with a revolutionary idea.

We would tell people the truth. We would tell people we were number two, and let them know how hard we were trying to become number one. So the Avis philosophy was born. The campaign, which ran for several years, was open and honest, and impassioned our staff to 'give a little extra'. Today 'We Try Harder' continues to be our guiding principle, at the core of everything Avis stands for. Avis operates in over 4,000 locations in 114 countries worldwide. Energy, enthusiasm, innovative industry leadership and an ethos of continuous improvement have characterised the company for many years.

Everyday car rental with Budget simplicity

Budget was founded in 1958 in Los Angeles, California by Morris Mirkin and his wife. Budget was a small family run business that started with a fleet of 10 cars. To enable Budget to break into an already crowded market the Mirkins decided to operate off airport thus lowering their overheads. This in turn enabled them to rent their cars for $4 dollars a day and 4 cents a mile to appeal to the "budget minded personal renter," from this the company name was born.

Within two years the foundations of the Budget Rent-a-Car that we know today were laid and the company continued to grow and grow until it became one of the three truly global brands.

Under strong new ownership, Budget continues to operate as a separate brand worldwide. As a customer driven company, Budget's goal is to be the undisputed leader in value for money car and van rental. Our global network now includes over 3,400 locations, operating a wide range of cars, trucks and vans in 128 countries.

Maggiore - Italian style car renal

The Maggiore family has always had a deep-seated passion for cars and motorcycles. Already in the 1920s Vittorio Maggiore, born at Ali in the province of Messina in Sicily, distinguished himself by successfully participating in Sicily's most prestigious road races, winning the coveted Targa Florio in 1924 on his trusty two-cylinder Harley Davidson.

Realising that cars could become an opportunity for business investment, in 1947 he set up Italy's first self-drive car rental company with his sons Giuseppe and Francesco. The results were not slow in coming, and Vittorio's winning intuition led to success.

The company was, until 2014, the largest 100% Italian-owned firm operating in the short and medium term car and commercial vehicle rental market, deriving its strength from the spirit of family entrepreneurship that characterized our development over the decades and which continued right to the third generation of the family: a record of which very few Italian companies can boast.

Over Maggiore has developed an ever-expanding network covering the whole of Italy; today, we have 146 agencies, of which 127 also offer van rental, with an average fleet of over 14,000 vehicles.

In April 2015 Maggiore was bought by the Avis Budget Group, a world leader in the short term car hire market.

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